Meet Me! 

Dr. Lisa Cooney is a world renowned authority on thriving after trauma, be it physical, emotional or sexual. Over the past 25 years she’s supported thousands of clients to break free from abuse and any form of limitation so they can create a life they truly enjoy.

She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Master ThetaHealer. She is also the creator of the ROAR (Radically Orgasmic Alive Reality) Method®. This cutting edge approach to transformation is based on practices she used to heal herself from early childhood abuse.

A maverick of consciousness, Dr. Lisa weaves together an eclectic blend of cross-cultural, multi-faith, collaborative and participatory spiritual approaches in her work with people. She is a catalyst for change, dedicated to assisting others to acknowledge their true power, courage and unique purpose.

All of Dr. Lisa’s classes, both in person and online, are dynamic and different yet also have something in common: they’re fun, life-changing and full of pragmatic tools that allow people to actualize the lives they always dreamed of yet didn’t dare hope to have. She’s known for encouraging people to, “Be You! Beyond Anything! Create Magic! Live your ROAR™!” and to be their own best friend.

A bestselling author, she’s written three books, Radically Alive Beyond Abuse and Creating After Abuse.

Dr. Lisa is deeply passionate about inspiring and motivating people to choose greater and allow a life of ease, joy and fun. She is also strongly moved to bridge global discrepancies of conflict and violence through tangible, kind and caring forms of conscious, mindful communication and conversations.



Dr Lisa is available on a limited basis for in-person speaking engagements.  She is an inspiring presenter who fills the room with energy and motivates people to Live their ROAR! If you are interested in having her speak at your event, her team will work closely with you to tailor the topic and presentation to meet the needs of your audience on her Living Your ROAR work. 


Interested in booking Dr. Lisa to speak at an event? Please provide your details and we’ll get in touch within 24 hours.